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DOER Society is a community of entrepreneurial women who share their experiences, learn from each other & grow together.

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur, a first time founder, or an ambitious go-getter, DOER Society is for you to ask questions and share answers in a community of diverse yet like-minded people. Think of it like your inspiring, ambitious best friend: You care about helping them where you can, and you know they’ll be there for you when you need personal or professional advice.

What makes DOER Society different? Realness. In addition to career advice and mindset tips, you can publicly or anonymously discuss topics that everyone wonders about but no one asks in other professional communities: like how to deal with a difficult boss/employee, what to say to someone who “mansplained” something to you, and how to keep period cramps from ruining your productivity.

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My name is Meral Arik and I'm a Co-Founder of SF-based tech startup, String, by day - and Founder of DOER Society by night.

I started my entrepreneurial endeavors with a dog walking business at 8 years old. Fast forward a decade and I co-founded an events & ticketing company during my time at UCLA. Though that company didn't go too far, the lessons I learned did - During the last of my undergrad years, I went on to work at Dust Messaging (Mark Cuban), where I learned lessons about building companies that I couldn’t learn in the classroom. 

Follow me on Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look into the startup life: @my.startuplife